Importance of developing public speaking skills for children

Child DevelopmentPosted on: 18 May 2023 by Carlie
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Public speaking is basically an oral presentation or a speech delivered to a live audience. Through public speaking, we can communicate effectively to share our ideas, opinions and knowledge with a group of people that will motivate, engage and inspire them. 


Public speaking is a very important communication skill which helps us in the progress of our professional field and in life. The main purpose of public speaking is to give information, instruct, educate, persuade or influence, and entertain the audience. 

Through public speaking, we can provide information on a specific topic to the audience and thereby educate the audience on the subject. We can also offer different perspectives by sharing the information on different resources and references which can help the audience in enhancing their knowledge and understanding.

Effective public speaking can also be used as a powerful tool to influence the audience and persuade them to take any action, adopt a particular point of view and change their thinking and behaviour. It can influence the beliefs, attitudes, values, and acts of others. 

Benefits of public speaking:

Boost confidence

Public speaking is a great way to boost self-confidence. It helps in overcoming the fear of speaking in public by bringing the speaker out of their comfort zone and accepting challenges. The speaker will be encouraged to enhance organisation, communication and presentation skills, thereby building their sense of self-worth and confidence.

Improve communication skills

Effective communication is the backbone of public speaking as it focuses on communicating ideas and information in an organised and coherent manner so that it reaches the audience in the correct and desired form

Enhance critical thinking skills

Effective public speaking involves careful observation, interpretation and analysing skills and thereby strengthening critical thinking skills. The speaker will need to curate a message that will convince the audience in a positive way.

Build leadership skills

In public speaking, the way a speaker stands up and speaks in a powerful way definitely helps in building leadership skills that will influence and convince the audience, at the same time to change people’s minds about something.

Help to expand professional network

Effective public speaking skills help in career advancement by projecting professional qualities like leadership abilities, creativity, critical thinking skills and poise.

Help to make social connections

Public speaking provides the opportunity to meet new people and thereby helps in making strong social connections. Sharing a common topic of interest helps connect like-minded people and build trust.

Why is developing public speaking skills important for children?

Public speaking is an important life skill that one can learn at a very young age. Overcoming stage fright and being able to speak or perform better in front of a large group of audience are the main aspects of public speaking. This will help to develop their confidence and enhance their effective communication, presentation, critical thinking, speaking and listening skills. This skill will not only help them to perform better academically but also boost their presentation, debating, learning, listening, analytical and logical thinking skills. 

With this early learning, kids will be able to think and present their ideas and opinions independently, which will help them to become confident leaders in future who will be able to understand people’s feelings and solve their problems with quick thinking. This will shape their bright future and make them successful individuals. 

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