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A curriculum compliant with IB, IGCSE, CIE, CBSE, and ICSE standards


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5 classes

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I’d say instrucko all the way.

Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Give Them a head start

96% of instrucko students outperform their peers in school.

  • Phonics
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • CVC words
  • Sight words
  • Blending and segmentation
  • Digraphs

Built to global educational standards


Aligned with
CBSE curriculum


Aligned with
IB curriculum


Aligned with
IGCSE curriculum


Aligned with
ISCSE curriculum

World class teaching starts at just $3 per class

Choose between group or one to one online sessions with instructors from the UK and India. We keep pricing transparent and clear at all times.

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20 Classes


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Join the 50K+ students (and growing) who are achieving better educational outcomes, and building more successful futures.

There's a reason that 95% of our customers undertake 3+ courses as a minimum with instrucko

Learning made fun

Sandhya Raju

Mother of Vikramaditya Raju - Grade 6

“My kids love the time they spend with instrucko. The learning is fun, interactive, engaging, and really personalized.

Confidence building

Shreya Sureka

Mother of Viaan - Grade 6

“Thank you instrucko for providing an interactive session. instrucko lesson plans make complex concepts easy to learn. Viaan not only learnt the tricks to read basic sentences ( phonetic base reading) but also got a positive push to try a little more difficult level and read more books. To boost Viaan’s confidence, the teacher always gives timely feedback.

Brilliant online learning

Jasmine Pestonji

Mother of Arianah - Grade 5

“Arianah really liked her teachers and they managed to develop a bond even though it was virtual

Confidence building

Renu Yadav

Mother of Rudra - 5

instrucko has made my child become an excellent speaker. He started improving in just 5-6 classes with instrucko's brilliant content and teachers. These personalised classes have helped him understand how the language skills are adapted, in a fun and engaging way.

We’ve improved academic results for 50k children.
Make your child one of them.

Why instrucko

There’s teaching, then there’s instrucko

Using innovative teaching tools and methods designed by experts from University of Oxford that do more than teach academic lessons.

Built to standards

Curriculums that match those of major global examination boards.

Learning through story

Stories enhance knowledge retention and boost children’s engagement.

Holistic development

Future leaders are being trained to be more resilient and emotionally intelligence through our online English courses.

Gamified learning

Building healthy homework habits and a desire to learn outside of class starting in early childhood.

Teaching² – meet the world’s best tutors

Hello! I'm instrucko Mandy. I am an enthusiastic and fully qualified teacher, formerly a Head of Languages, with over 30 years classroom experience of teaching children of all ages and abilities, aged 3 years and upwards. I hold multiple certifications including a PGCE, from University of London, BA Hons Degree, University of London, TESOL, TEFL, Institut Britannique, Paris, France. I have been teaching online with instrucko for 2 years and love it.


English, Maths, Personality Development, French, Exp. 30 years

452 Students taught so far

Hello! I'm instrucko Adele. I became a trained ESL instructor in 2021 after completing my TEFL and TESOL, Canada Certifications. I have been teaching English for over three years now. I am fluent in reading and writing Hindi. I have always been fascinated with the English Language. I have participated in various English writing and speaking competitions throughout my student life.


English, Exp. 5 years

385 Students taught so far

Hello! I'm instrucko Piyali. I am extremely passionate about teaching and instrucko provides me with the best opportunity to nurture my passion. I have done my Masters in English Language and have been teaching for the past 6 years. instrucko helps students learn in a productive and imaginative environment. My experience has given me a chance to form a teaching philosophy that guides me to help students in the classroom and beyond. I focus on an inquiry-based collaborative learning technique.


English, Personality Development, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Exp. 6 yrs

850 Students taught so far

Hello! I'm instrucko Anindita. My love for the English language roots back to my own education at school. It's my firm belief that the younger you start learning a language the better you are at it. Using this wonderful platform at instrucko, I intend to use innovative and Interactive practices in teaching concepts that they can relate and retain for their lifetime. Apart from teaching I also enjoy being a storyteller to the little ones.


English, Exp. 7 yrs

260 students

Hello! I'm instrucko Monique. I have been teaching in schools for 7 years now, but was delighted to discover instrucko. It's the best method of teaching I've ever experienced – the unique storytelling methods keep kids constantly interested and engaged, and the learning is made easy.


English, Exp. 6 Yrs

234 students

Hello! I'm instrucko Reema. I have experience in teaching for more than 7 years and I hold TEFL certification. instrucko is a unique, flexible platform with the expertise to develop the kid and mould them into diamonds. Children love instrucko’s storytelling techniques and look forward to their classes.


English, Exp. 6 Yrs

1022 students

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is an English course FAQ - Featured

Importance of
Online English classes for kids

Global Communication Skills

In today's interconnected world, English has risen as the undisputed language for global communication. By imparting English lessons to children through online platforms, we empower them to cultivate exceptional communication skills that transcend geographical boundaries. These interactive classes are meticulously crafted to captivate young minds, fostering not only language acquisition but also empowering them to articulate their thoughts with utmost efficacy and self-assurance.

Preparation for the Future

In today's fast-paced world, the significance of possessing strong English skills cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to securing lucrative job prospects. To ensure a bright future filled with endless career possibilities, enrolling your children in online English classes is an excellent choice. These virtual learning platforms not only foster their linguistic abilities but also equip them with the necessary tools to thrive in the ever-evolving job market. By mastering the English language, they will gain a competitive edge and effortlessly navigate through the dynamic shifts in the workforce.

Cultural Awareness

Learning English is not just about learning a new language, it can also expose children to new cultures and help them understand and appreciate different ways of living. Online English courses allow students to participate in activities and discussions that introduce them to the customs, traditions, and literature of English-speaking countries, expand their knowledge, and develop cultural awareness.

Academic Success

Proficiency in English is crucial for academic success, and it's a core subject in most courses. Luckily, online learning can provide the extra support needed to help children excel in their studies. These courses offer personalized assistance with reading comprehension, essay writing, and test preparation. So, if your child needs a boost in their English skills, online learning could be the perfect solution.

Confidence and Self-expression

Online English classes empower children to unleash their inner voice and communicate with the utmost effectiveness. By honing their communication skills, these classes not only enhance their ability to express themselves but also instil a newfound sense of confidence. Through these virtual platforms, children acquire the art of questioning, articulating their opinions, and actively participating in debates. These invaluable skills transcend beyond the classroom, equipping them for success in both their personal and professional endeavours.

Help them become their best self. Their story begins here.

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