Start-ups versus Corporates- which one am I?

Child DevelopmentPosted on: 17 Mar 2023 by Carlie
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When the agricultural revolution came upon us, we became farmers. The industrial revolution made us workers. Currently, in the technological revolution, we are now entrepreneurs. Where there is opportunity bursting from every seam that seemed to have packed within it the old ethics, conditions, and manners of earning a living.

Along with the technological revolution, we have also witnessed a drastic shift in the manner businesses are conducted and operated. Gone are the age-old hierarchical trends that created disparity and division in the workplace. Now we witness a relatively new concept shaking the foundations of the old to give way to the new: start-ups. A concept which no longer follows the old style of ‘divide and rule’ but, introduces ‘unite and create’. It is a space where different minds come together, on an equal platform, to create something by combining various ideas and methods. It is all about experimentation, observation, trial and error, and, of course, learning from the mistakes.


Unlike corporations that work in a regimented manner, start-ups promote freedom for creativity. Each individual is unique, and everyone has a different style of working. Start-ups not only understand that fact but also incorporate it in their day-to-day dealings. The idea is to give each person their creative freedom and liberty so they can give you the best they’ve got. While a corporate job would give you a stable and strict itinerary, a start-up will give you an agenda, you build the path for yourself to reach it.


What makes start-ups an inviting prospect for anyone who despises those ‘water-cooler chats’ is the direct dealing with the founder. You quite literally will be sitting next to the founder and they will deal with you directly -- ruling out the probability and possibility of miscommunication, misunderstandings, and biases. The concept of start-ups thrives on providing an equal platform for everyone. Since it’s usually a very small team, each member is prized for their own inputs and there is usually no overlapping of work.


In a start-up you usually have an array of duties and responsibilities. Remember, this is a seed that has just been planted. You are one of its nurturers. The success of the idea truly is the success of the team. Each and every member puts in the hard work and required time to give strength to the sapling. The idea might not be yours but, that does not make it any less yours after investing time, energy, and effort to make sure it grows into a successful venture. It truly feels like a personal success when you witness an idea you have worked on gaining momentum and success right before your eyes. So, while there is hard work, it is all the more rewarding.


Apart from your own field of work, you come in close contact with those who come from a different field. In turn, you end up learning more about things various fields and creative skills, widening the boundaries of your knowledge. Start-ups are all about bouncing ideas off each other and zeroing down on something which is a creative collaboration of all those different fields to make the product a success.


Since the resources are usually limited, you get to practice, and perfect, the craft of making the most of what you’ve got. This makes you practice the skill of efficiency and promotes critical thinking. It pushes you to think creatively and look for solutions in the most arduous of situations. These skill sets become a way of life and help you navigate most situations in life with a ‘solution-focused’ perspective.

While corporates can promise you the space inside a box which is safe and secure, start-ups provide you the space beyond it. You tread on a path unknown, and unchartered. The stalwarts of the present paving the path of the future.

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