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EducationPosted on: 17 Mar 2023 by Carlie
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As the youthful mind begins to bloom and flourish, the realisation of the importance of a fulfilling career often blossoms around the tender age of 10 to 15. But why must this realisation be delayed until such a ripe age? And why do we as a society so frequently encourage our children to pursue careers as doctors and engineers? The world is changing, and so are the fields in which we work. It is time for both parents and children to broaden their horizons and consider the rapidly emerging fields of environmental consulting, sustainability coordination, research science, and many more.

So what is sustainability?

Sustainability can be broken down into three concepts- environmental, social and economic, also known informally as profits, planet and people. The concept of ‘economic sustainability’ focuses on preserving natural resources that provide physical inputs of economic production- both renewable and exhaustible inputs. An example of this would be alternative energy.

Environmental sustainability emphasizes on life support systems such as atmosphere or soil. An example of this would be not using plastic bags.

Social sustainability focuses on the human effects of economic systems- eradication of poverty, hunger and combating inequality.

A career in sustainability?

Given the current situation, one could go into any profession with a focus towards sustainability. These careers not only hold the potential for personal growth and success but also play a crucial role in shaping the future of our planet for generations to come. Every company across the globe has a focus on growing sustainability, innovating al

At a young age, children should be exposed to the news of the world, the leadership that guides it, and the fundamental principles of the United Nations Environmental Assembly- 17 sustainability goals to be achieved by 2030.

For it is during these formative years, between the ages of two and three, that a child's empathy first takes root, and science tells us that by the age of five, they have already developed their sense of values.

At instrucko, we believe that in order to achieve a sustainable future, it is crucial to provide young minds with the opportunity to shape the world around them. Our live online Sustainability Development classes for kids are tailored to each child's abilities and go beyond mere rote learning to encourage critical thinking and understanding. We encourage children to think out of the box and equip them with 21st century skills.

In our online Sustainability Development course for kids, we cover topics like the need for Recycling and upcycling, the Importance of Solar panels, Sustainable tips around the home, and Avoiding packaged and processed foods, etc. We provide real-world context for our lesson while incorporating current events and fun facts.

E.g.: In September 2014, a grid-connected solar rooftop policy was made mandatory to be used by the Haryana government for housing societies, industries, and other specified categories of buildings.

Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and enough electricity to power the average home for six months.

Protect the planet’s future with Sustainability. A vital skill for the ESG-driven corporate future. Get ahead with our award-winning sustainability training courses.

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