The Bearings of an Empathic Child

Child DevelopmentPosted on: 17 Mar 2023 by Carlie
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We have previously discovered the effect empathy has, not just for our mental well-being, but also for our physical well-being. Now we hope to delve deeper into the subject, trying to extract exactly how a student behaves, act, and thinks when they are a highly empathic individual. We take a look at the some of the characteristics that develop in a student when they practice empathy and exactly what does it culminate to. We also take a look at how empathy helps students not just be a good to the external world but alsp help themselves internally in the same process.

Cultivating Curiosity

Highly empathic people have an inextinguishable curiosity about other people. They genuinely take a keen interest in strangers and are good listeners. They tend to retain the childlike inquisitiveness when it comes to being curious and meeting people who are from outside their environment or social circle.

This trait has been identified as a key character strength that can enhance life satisfaction and is also a useful cure for chronic loneliness.

Experiential Cauldron 

George Orwell, a renowned writer from the 20th century began his journey in life as a police officer in British Burma in the. We’re talking somewhere in 1920s here. He returned to London and was determined to discover what life was for those living on the social margins. So, he dressed up like the beggars and vagabonds and started to live among them. He came out of that experience a different man that had radical changes in his beliefs, priorities, and relationships. He journaled it to be the greatest travel experience of his life and said that empathy doesn’t just make you good, it’s also good for you.

Inspiration Station

 What most of us tend to overlook while flipping through the pages of history is that some of the greatest changes in the world have taken place on the backbone of empathy. As stated by the journalist, Adam Hochschild, in the movements against slavery in the 18th and 19th century, the abolitionists placed their hope not in sacred human texts but on human empathy.

Ambitious Imagination

One of the most remarkable traits of an empathic person is their ability to feel empathy for those beyond the spectrum. That is to say, highly empathic people also have the ability to feel empathy towards their adversaries. When Gandhi said “I am a Muslim and a Hindu, and a Christian and a Jew” is it is precisely this trait that stood out. It was this marvellous ability to practice compassion for even those who try to harm you.

With the world shifting and changing in its very foundation that we take our young ones and shape them to not just be intellectuals but also lovers, dreamers and artists. Storytelling is seen as an extremely efficient tool to cultivate empathy in students at a young age. Which is why our courses are designed to make sure that the child learns about the world in a holistic manner. The time is ripe, the time is now.

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