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96% of instrucko students perform better in school exams than their peers

instrucko students develop leadership qualities at a younger age

instrucko students show academic improvement in just 5 classes

Our curriculum

From Public Speaking to Creative writing, instrucko online learning platform has it covered using real life topics.

A curriculum compliant with IB, IBCSE, CIE, CBSE, and ICSE standards embedded into engaging stories and narratives. Putting the cool back into school.

  • Converse fluently with people
  • Improve grammar and vocabulary
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Improve writing skills
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Why instrucko

Give them a better start

Learning has evolved. Find out more about what makes instrucko different, or experience it for yourself.

Improvement in 5 classes

Courses are designed to academic specifications, ensuring better school outcomes. Choose the goals for each teaching session.

Powered by University of Oxford

Using groundbreaking storytelling techniques based on leading research, which enhance engagement and knowledge retention

A new standard in teaching

Recruiting only internationally certified teachers, our learning platform pairs your kids with the ideal teacher for their needs and learning style.

Beyond the classroom

Holistic learning methods, gamified studying, and integrated counselling build more rounded and emotionally intelligent children.

Build their future from just $3 per class

We know youd pay anything to ensure your kid's future success. Fortunately, it's even more affordable than you may think. Our best online learning platform provides trial classes. Start with it now!


Manage learning through our dashboard

Our learning dashboard makes it as easy as ABC

We use an advanced learning dashboard that makes managing your child’s progress simple. Understand their progress, set future goals, and watch them become more developed individuals – all from within your account.


Assign courses

Choose from our wide variety of studies, and select initial courses.


Begin learning

Choose your preferred day and time and let the learning begin!


Check progress

Receive detailed reports and plan for next learning outcomes.

Parents always know best

Straight from
the parents...

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I’d say instrucko all the way.

Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan

There's a reason that 95% of our customers undertake 3+ courses as a minimum with instrucko

Learning made fun

Sandhya Raju

Mother of Vikramaditya Raju - Grade 6

“My kids love the time they spend with instrucko. The learning is fun, interactive, engaging, and really personalized.

Confidence building

Shreya Sureka

Mother of Viaan - Grade 6

“Thank you instrucko for providing an interactive session. instrucko lesson plans make complex concepts easy to learn. Viaan not only learnt the tricks to read basic sentences ( phonetic base reading) but also got a positive push to try a little more difficult level and read more books. To boost Viaan’s confidence, the teacher always gives timely feedback.

Brilliant online learning

Jasmine Pestonji

Mother of Arianah - Grade 5

“Arianah really liked her teachers and they managed to develop a bond even though it was virtual

Confidence building

Renu Yadav

Mother of Rudra - 5

instrucko has made my child become an excellent speaker. He started improving in just 5-6 classes with instrucko's brilliant content and teachers. These personalised classes have helped him understand how the language skills are adapted, in a fun and engaging way.

We’ve improved academic results for 50k children.
Make your child one of them.

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